Your hat is made using a couple different processes depending on your needs. Embroidery is the main tool but your hat can also be personalized with heat film very easily and much cheaper.

How to order a hat…

Step 1 (using the designer)  – design your hat with the online designer, hit send. I will respond in an email regarding your design.

Step 2 – (not using designer) – contact me through the FAQ/Contact page and I will help get you what you need done.

How your hat is made…

Step 1 – The design/logo is manipulated into an dst filetype (embroidery).

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4 – Wearing your hat looking cool ?

The Hat Guy

Yep….that’s me…I’m the guy. Making happiness happen…through hats…and more. 🙂

Customer Service

Marley answers all customer related inquiries when Jordan isn’t available. He does much better in person where his freckles can swoon the ladies.

Quality Control

Molly is stubborn as heck and won’t let anything pass without her “Paw of Approval” (that’s what we call it around the office … under our breath).

Human Resources

Gina – kind of clueless, we didn’t know what to do with her….she distracts you until you forget why you needed her. Very good at her job.